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Unbearable tickling for the beautiful Gabi part 3

Available in a bundle !
Original price was: $30,97.Current price is: $21,68.
Available in a bundle !
Definition - 1080P
Length - 10:14


This is part 3 of Gabi’s unbearable tickling!

In this video, Gabi lies on the couch in a hogtie position, with her feet completely vulnerable to tickling.

She is definitely exhausted after the first two parts, where she was brought to her tickling limits. Here she is tickled almost completely on her feet with feathers and fingers primarily and brushes at the end to break her entirely.

Her laugh is medium density but very consistent, with lots of begging for mercy. You can clearly hear and see that tickling is torturous for her, but she doesn’t have the strength to laugh hard.

A lot of close-up scenes of her feet and face will bring you delightful experiences.

And as always the whole video is subtitled in English for maximum pleasure.

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