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Valeria’s Interview

Valeria was in charge to pass the interviews all day long at the office and you were actually number eighty-seven so you had to wait all day long before your time has come! That was a very long day with her shoes on and she kind of noticed that your eyes were fixing her feet so she suspected about a foot fetish! She wants you to take her shoes off then she’s watching your reaction during the interview! Her nylon feet are ultra sweaty and actually smelly and they are so close now to your face! Valeria also suspect a hard on in your pants so it seems like she can easily manipulate you with her feet!

She wants to test the power of her feet so she makes you bow down on your knees to take some deep breaths in her feet! Valeria now thinks maybe you could serve as a foot slave or a foot stool every day at the office so you have to prove your abilities! She takes off her nylons then ask for a foot massage but, she wants you to smell them first! Your cock is now ready to explode in your pants so she wants you to try this foot massage with your tongue! Don’t touch! Valeria now wants you to lick the bottom of her soles from heel to toes! Make sure you are doing it right if you want that job! (French Language)

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