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Vanessa didn’t expect to be tickled: MF-F in a real hospital part 1

Definition - 2160P
Length - 11:22


Vanessa tickled from neck to toes (FM/F) in the Operating Room of a REAL Hospital Part 1. She participated in a real clinical trial only to cancel the payment of families medical bills. She didn’t expect to be tickled, she is HORRIBLE ticklish and she hates it. Don’t buy this video if you want a girl that like be tickled. This South American girl doesn’t even know what the word “fetish” means even if we explained to her that this experimental video will be distributed on online store and worldwide internet market.

Have you ever wanted to see young girl being tickled in a true experiment? Then look no further, because we’ve done it!

In a real South American hospital, we set up a genuine experiment where girls agreed to be restrained and tested on. They knew the testing might hurt, but had no idea tickling them as much as possible would be the true objective of the science research.

They signed a contract in which they agreed to endure the entire experiment, however long it took, even if it turned out to be quite tortuous — and it did — also, they agreed to hold in their reactions. They must hold back any reactions they might have. We make it clear that they may not receive their rewards if they cry, laugh, scream or complain.

But Vanessa couldn’t hold in her reaction, she was restrained on an operating room table and she broke out in hysterical laughing. She couldn’t even talk while a doctor and a medical student performed an extremely ticklish examination, without a time limit or a safeword.

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