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Veronique Is Tickled Topless on the Device : Upperbody Tickling


Length - 11:06
- 720P

Veronique is back to experiment our device and she is TOPLESS! Her entire body is vulnerable to feathers and fingers and her new punishment is wonderful. Every inch of her skin is super ticklish and the guy explores one more time all her most sensitive spots. He tickles her sides, belly, underarms and her very sensitive breasts of course with feathers and fingers. As usual Veronique explodes at each touch on her body in a foutain of laughter.

She works with us for 12 years and she is still super ticklish all over. Some girls are made to be tickled all long her life and Veronique is one of them. At the end of the clip he tickles her feet during the last minute.

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