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Volchenok in a ticklish agony – Madoka tickles her topless friend

Meet Sara Bork, first time with us.
Age – 19 years old
Height – 168 cm
Shoe size – 37.5 (8 US)

In this clip, cute girl Sara Bork makes her tickling debut. She is and hasn’t yet had such an experience, but she is a very inquisitive and active person that she couldn’t resist expanding her horizon a little.

Well, topless ticklee Sara is fixed on a bench in a Y position and gets tickled by two ticklers – John and Sara’s friend, whose name will remain a secret for now.
At first, the ticklers were placed in this way – John tickles bare feet of the cutie, and her friend – the upper body. The last one holds a vibrator in her hands, she hoped to make her girlfriend choose between two sides – tickling and pleasure, but that wasn’t the case…
Sara’s body responded differently to the vibrator, instead of pleasure, the touch of the toy tickled her even more! Her friend puts down the vibrator and begins to actively tickling her ribs, armpits and sides, as well as her breasts and nipples. At the same time, John tickles her nice bare feet in stocks with various devices.

After that, John and Sara’s friend together begin to tickle cutie Sara’s upper body, causing her to twitch, squeal and even hiss. Sara is very, very ticklish, hot and funny. I think we will meet with her again and please you with new clips.

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