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Length - 09:23 -
Definition - 720P

We Will Break You Lenora Bare Feet Tickle Torture

The beautiful Lenora is tied on the table with her sexy bare feet and upperbody totally vulnerable for a new tickling experience. This great session has two parts, one bare feet tickling punishment and a merciless upperbody torment. Lenora’s friend is very impatient to have fun and she attacks on the super ticklish feet with fingers, hairbrushes and the tickling glove. Lenora explodes hysterically at each touch on her soft soles and toes and her friend loves that so much.

She really does her best to get the maximum laughter from the poor Lenora. This is intolerable and Lenora begs me for mercy for the ticklers are absolutely not decided to stop the tickling. There is absolutely no escape and she bursts out with uncontrollable laughter each second of her punishment. We really can never get enough of this wonderful model and her insanely ticklish feet.

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