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Length - 32:18 -
Definition - 1080P

Who will win ? Girls knock out each other

Susanna turned to the sorcerer and came to him for a session – she wants to deal with problems in her personal life. The sorcerer advised her to take her under hypnosis – and taking his amulet, he plunged her into a trance.

Now Susanna carried out his commands and did everything he said, and the sorcerer only ordered and directed his hands. He took off her glasses and guided her hands up and down and ordered to wiggle to the sides, then abruptly bend back and open her mouth.

He ordered Susanna to lift her skirt and go to the sofa – here she fell on her side almost motionless. Then she got up again and then he ordered to strangle the girl’s neck. After a while, she loosened her grip and he led her to the table – taking the amulet, he plunged Suzanne into a complete blackout, but the girl’s eyes were always open.

she fell on her sides on the table and passed out, then he began to play with her body, raising his hands and turning his head rigidly from side to side.

He massaged her legs and face and then placing her ass up, she was in this position for a while until he lowered her.

He unbuttoned her blouse and played with her head, touching her bare chest. Then he lifted her skirt and placed Suzanne on the table – her head hanging down. He pulled her pantyhose down to her thighs and then took it on his shoulder and carried her to the bed, here he positioned her and began to feel her body and face, opened and crumpled her mouth, then lifted both legs up and lowered her legs.

He shook her hard from side to side and then pulled the pantyhose off the priests. He took her into a lullaby position, and carried her to the sofa and lowered her with outstretched arms, he opened her mouth and Suzanne’s eyes were still open. He lowered her down onto the couch again playing with the body. Then he dragged her across the floor to a chair and sat her on it. Here he played with her head and body a lot.

Now he put her back on the table and took off her blouse, pulled her pantyhose even lower and placed her booty up again. Now he lowered her and covered her with a blanket, ordering to wake up. Susanna woke up after a while without remembering anything and began to dress and went home.

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