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“Wrapped & Tickled Series” : Alexa Loves to Drive Justyn Insane

Justyn & Alexa are BACK for a special “Wrapped & Tickled” session.
This is nice to have our most ticklish models perfectly immobilized without any way to move at all while their most ticklish spots
are mercilessly tickled.

These girls are just fantastic because both girls are insanely ticklish everywhere and both are great ticklers.
Alexa LOVES to drive Justyn insane and she has so much fun with her hysterical friend, she is absolutely merciless with her and
the fact that she can’t move at all makes her more ticklish than usual.

You’ll love justyn reactions and her desperate ticklish laughter, she really can’t stand the tickling and this is unbearable for her.
Less the girls can move more it is difficult to endure and more they become crazy.
The poor Justyn endures here the punishment of her life and Alexa enjoys so much this great situation without mercy.

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