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Length - 21:23 -
Definition - 1080P

You Have the Right to Remain Laughing! Pt 2: Crooked Karly!

Karly Salinas is a bank employee, who just aided robbers in a bank heist!  She’s nervous, so stops at a massage parlor, to hide out and unwind.  Little does she know the police have her listed as a prime suspect and the masseuse, with whom she’s dealing just happens to be an undercover detective!

The detective massages her, as she tells a different story than the one she told police, earlier.  When he begins to rub her feet, she’s very jumpy and complains that her feet are extremely sensitive, which gives him an idea!  He gently massages her feet, til she dozes off.

Karly awakes, tied up, wondering what’s going on.  The detective would also like to know what’s going on, like why Karly is telling a different story that what she told the cops!  When she can’t explain herself, the undercover officer tickles her tender, bare feet!  Karly realizes, too late, that she gave away a weakness that could blow her scheme wide open!

In no time, fingernails, feathers, brushes and other tickle tools have the sexy brunette yowling and cackling with helpless laughter, as she frantically thrashes and bucks against her bonds!  Her feet flail and her cute, little toes scrunch and squirm, in a vain effort to escape!  Minute by minute, her unbearably ticklish feet unravel the truth of her involvement in the bank heist!  Looks like crime and ticklish feet are a bad combination, for this would-be lady crook!

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