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You Have the Right to Remain Laughing!

Amanda Blaine (aka – Mandy Taylor) and Aiyana Cassidy show off their amazing chemistry once again! Wealthy jewelry store owner Sabrina Pierce’s (Amanda) home has been looted by burglars. Detective Kara Anders (Aiyana) arrives at the crime scene to find the Ms. Pierce bound in rope and bitching up a storm. She demands to be let loose as the detective snaps some crime scene photos, but several things about her “story” don’t add up.

An expensive bauble left hanging around Sabrina’s neck and a conveniently placed telephone, left in reach of her feet have Det. Anders wondering. When the uncooperative bitch gets too snarky and demanding, the detective decides to get to the bottom of the mystery, by getting to the bottoms of Ms. Pierce’s feet. The statuesque blonde’s big, nylon-clad feet are perfect tickle-interrogation targets!

The tough-talking Sabrina changes her tone as Det. Anders’s long fingernails skitter up and down her violently spasming, stockinged tootsies! The crafty cop even forces the rich bitch to worship her feet! Sabrina cackles, begs and shrieks, throughout the ordeal … but will she give up the truth?

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