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You must give me a divorce, otherwise I will torment your feet with tickling and ice! – Capturing the arrogant Kristy

By Dero. Made by request

A man desperately wants to divorce his wife, who has only used him in marriage. She spends great sums of money, loves luxury and has always had relationships with other men. His wife doesn’t want to divorce because she wants her husband to continue paying for her luxury.
For this reason, she has been denying him the signature under the divorce papers for some time. They haven’t been living together for some time, so he visits her again in her apartment to talk to her in a rational and calm manner to get the signature..

She especially loves riding. She meets him arrogantly at the front door in super tight leggings pants, tight well-fitting black rubber riding boots.
When he asks her to sign, she just laughs at him, ridicules him, says she has no time for him and wants to leave for her horse and for riding.
She humiliates him in conversation, then at some point closes the door and disappears past him for a ride with her horse.
The man is very upset and also goes away from the house again

His anger and frustration this time is so great that he wants to take revenge on his wife and of course wants to find a means that he finally gets the signature under the divorce papers and is free from this bad luxury woman.
He knows that his wife has very extremely super-sensitive soles, her feet are very ticklish and he is considering her feet by her to sign.
He is still waiting in the near of the house until his wife returns from riding.
She doesn’t see him coming out of his hiding place, so he quickly overwhelms her after opening the front door and her into her apartment.
Then he puts her down on the sofa and ties her hands behind her back, then her feet, her torso and her knees with ropes.

She is also gagged. The husband starts to tickle Kristy’s body and watches her torment – Kritsy lies in an unbuttoned blouse and laughs through a gag and strongly resists.
Then, he carries her on her shoulders inside the apartment where a chair is waiting. Here he wants to attach it on top of it so that she can not accidentally escape.
He tries again reasonably to persuade her to sign because she can only listen to him because she is gagged.
He puts her on the chair and ties her with more ropes all over her body and interrogates her, but she vehemently refuses to give the man an answer.

The husband takes off Kristy’s boots and enjoys tickling her feet – after which he carries her in a chair to the table and puts his feet on it – he shows her a feather.
Kristy: (Oh, no …. please do not ….. please not with the feather …. !!!!)
The man knows no mercy and begins to tickle the super-sensitive soles with the goose feather.
Kristy begs for mercy.
He tickles her feet for a long time and Kristy scolds her husband and asks to let her go – he doesn’t stop but proceeds to lick her tender heels, which makes Kristy furious.
After a while, when Kristy’s feet are already lowered to the floor, her husband starts to tickle her feet on the floor with a brush – Kristy goes crazy.
Then he unties her from the chair and carries her back over the shoulder into the bedroom of her house and puts her on the bed.
He again tickles Kristy’s lean body by clicking on her waist and ribs – Kristy is horrified.
Then he ties her feet again and fixes the feet firmly at the foot end of the bed.
She looks horrified at him while and can not believe what happens.
The husband enjoys tickling her foot again – using a pen and hand cream so that Kristy suffers more and agrees to sign the papers.
Unenthusiastic to agree, Kristy laughs and endures tickling.

Kristy: (Oh, no stop …. please do not … stop! No, no …. stop!)
Since the man is also an absolute foot fetishist and he has always found her feet beautiful and so he starts licking greedy her soles from the heels to the toes and back.
He sucks and licks her toes again … everything slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes with the tip of the tongue, sometimes with the whole tongue.
She whines and laughs with the gag and writhes in her shackles. Again she is super ticklish and keeps the difficult. The man asks in between every now and then whether she wants to sign.
She still refuses.

At some point, in the end, he picks up some ice cubes from the kitchen and starts to rub three or four ice cubes under her soles.
This is then about 3 minutes more than enough for her and she admits exhausted to take the signature.
Husband: Do you want to sign now?
Kristy: Yes, yes ….. I want to take it … all that you want …. please stop … I want to sign “. Please let me go!
Kristy signs the papers and the pleased husband leaves her.

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