18 Years Old Elie's Ticklish Audition


Length - 15:14 - 720P

This is the FULL AUDITION of our new ticklish beauty with the introducing with ENGLISH SUBTITLES.
Elie is a 18 years old student with a perfect and extremly ticklish body.
Every inch of her skin is super sensitive and during all this clip the tickler explores methodically her most ticklish spots.
During the first 10 minutes of the clip the tickler plays with feathers, fingers, brushes and gloves on Elie’s milky soles and toes.

For the last 5 minutes the guy gets her horribly ticklish sides and underarms, Elie has to let her arms up but it is
so difficult for her that the tickler ties her hands.
Elie is really one our most beautiful model ever and she is as ticklish as she’s pretty.

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