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4 Hands on Xena’s Horribly Ticklish Upperbody

Xena is strongly wrapped for a perfect immobilization and ready to endure a real intensive tickle session with Cleo as tickler.
Cleo is merciless and Xena is terrifyingly ticklish on every inch of her gorgeous body so here is the perfect combination for arousing tickle fun.
This session is mostly F/F tickle action even if the FT Tickler joins at some moments for a 4 hands tickling to the limits.

Xena becomes totally crazy with some incredible moments where she loses her mind due to the extreme tickles on her most sensitive areas.
Cleo is so ruthless and she doesn’t stop tickling her sexy soles and sensitive upperbody until Xena is totally exhausted.
Xena has absolutely no chance to defend from tickling and wow this is crazy!

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