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Two girls in one stocks and brunette vs blonde

Two charming girls sitting with their legs in one stocks. Brunette girls (Anait) and blonde (Marpha). One foot from each girl is fixed in the stocks. They are wearing black socks. Let’s tickle their feet now!
Girls have a good mood and they laugh from the tickling immediately – their feet are really ticklish. Anait is a very sweet and tender girl, and the blonde Marpha is more relaxed and not shy.
Then I take off their socks and tickle their bare feet. Girls are even more sensitive now and they love tickling!

Then we have only Marpha in the stocks, and her friend Anait will tickle her feet. She tickles her feet using the fingernails and does it very sexy.
Then Anait puts her feet in the stocks and her friend boldly begins to tickle her. Anait is shy and laughs.
Then we complicate her challenge – and together we begin to tickle her feet. Beautiful and gentle Anait gets the biggest tickle dose for today. And everyone was happy!

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