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Length - 08:29 -
Definition - 1080P

A Man’s Gotta Feet with Taylor Pierce

Your favorite porn star Taylor Pierce is dipping her toes into the foot fetish realm. She certainly knows how to please a man in many ways, but now she’s focusing her well-stocked arsenal on all you horny foot guys. Taylor has cute size sevens to tease you with. Her feet are quite shapely and her toes are talented with a powerful grip. Female feet admirer Archer Legend is going to show her what foot worship is all about. He licks her soles, sucks her toes and nibbles on her heels to give her exactly what those pretty feet deserve.

Taylor loves the attention and gets into the action by telling him what she likes and what she wants more of. Her toes are long and strong enough to grab Archer’s flicking tongue. Taylor is really impressed when he takes her foot deep into his mouth. She says it’s nice to see a guy choking for a change. Archer is happy to show her what a real foot licker can do. Taylor Pierce is very appreciative of the wonderful foot worship and clearly understands that a man’s gotta feet.

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