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Ada’s limp fetish and hand over her mouth

Length - 19:36
- 1080P -
Published 29 October, 2022

By Dero
Ada returned home from work and sat down to rest, for some reason she was seized behind putting a rag on her mouth. Ada is almost unable to resist – she falls resting on the couch, and the maniac checks her body and eyes.
Then he moves her to the floor and ties her ankles and hands, puts on a ballgag. In this state, Ada wakes up at the maniac’s feet – he grabs Ada and then immediately puts on a rag again. Ada resists but falls resting.
Ada wakes up a maniac holds her by the throat and Ada rests again.

Repeating his grip, he again brings Ada to senses and she begins to resist again. She falls resting on the floor and he raises her playing with her body.
He holds her throat and again puts his hand over her mouth with a rag.
Thus, the game is repeated on the bed, on the floor and again in the middle of the room, when Ada is on her knees. The maniac again puts on a rag and sends Ada to rest.

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