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Length - 11:09 -
Definition - 1080P

Adeline Crazy Revealing Session * Lets Get You Tickled *

If you follow us for the past several years, I’m sure that you are aware of this phenomenon as we refer to as Adeline or Ada.
Adeline is working with us for a long time as a Tickler, and we really really want to get her tickled good.
Adeline had 2 sessions with us before

Adeline has a very strong resistance to tickling.
she is ticklish, but she can control her reactions.
sometimes she breaks, and we get to see her squirming around and laughing without control.
I think that this series has the most of these rare moments.

we have started this session with Adeline tied to our bed, wearing nothing but a sexy black top and panties.
she is cover with a blanket that will be slowly removed, exposing her smooth little body.
I’m starting slow, trying to break her will, trying to find her weak spots, the ones that will get her jumping, losing focus and get tickle silly

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