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Length - 08:53 -
Definition - 1080P

Alexa’s Interview

Alexa is totally in charge at the office today, and it seems like you are desperately looking for a job! You came at the office to pass an interview, so you will have to sit right in front of her feet to answer her questions! She actually wants to see your CV, so she just poses both of her feet on top of the desk! It’s kind of a little hot at the office today, so she takes her boots to place both of her feet, right in front of her face! You can have a good smell of her socks since they are very sweaty, and very stinky, and she seems to notices that you have a fixation about her feet! Alexa wants to take advantage of that, so she wants to know if you can give her a nice foot massage during the interview! You really want that job, so it seems that you are almost ready to do anything to get this job!

You start massaging her feet, but she also rubs her sweaty socks all around your face while asking the questions of the interview at the same time! You just have no choice to smell them, and it seems like you also have on of her foot in your mouth! It might not be easy to answer the questions that way, but she wants to test you! She also realized that your cock is getting so hard, so she also takes her socks off to rub her sweaty naked feet all over your face! She makes you sniff, and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles, and also rubs her feet around your cock to make sure that you would be ready to do anything to get this job! Make sure you please her right! (French Language)

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