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Alisha is kidnapped

Definition - 1080P
Length - 15:24


Selina and Dennis had enough of Alisha’s constant pranking. They decided it was time to get even once and for all. One evening, they spotted her walking home alone. Knowing this was their chance, they followed her in Dennis’ car, keeping a safe distance to avoid suspicion.

Alisha reached a quiet street with no one around. Selina and Dennis exchanged a quick nod. They pulled over, jumped out, and grabbed her. Before Alisha could react, they had her in the car with a blindfold over her eyes. Despite the shock, Alisha did not struggle much, curious to see where this was going.

Back at Selina’s home, they carried Alisha inside and gently tied her to a chair. Dennis asks “Surprised?”

Alisha looked around, finally understanding the situation, and couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright, what’s the plan?” she asked, amused.

“Payback time,” Dennis said, and started poking Alisha’s sides and armpits.

Alisha’s eyes widened. She was incredibly ticklish, a fact she had kept secret. “No, guys, please,” she giggled nervously as they approached.

Deniz and Selina started tickling her. Alisha burst into uncontrollable laughter, squirming in her chair. The room echoed with her giggles and pleas for mercy.

Comments like “Ohhh are u ticklish?” The tickler asked.

Alisha, still catching her breath, nodded vigorously. “What are you guys doing?! Why me?!”……
……for the rest watch our video enjoy it !

Selina and Dennis had enough of Alisha's constant pranking. They decided it was time to get even once and for all. One...

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