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Length - 20:34 -
Definition - 1080P

Alla vs Valera – Tickling with hands, toes and toothbrush

Valera is tied by her arms and legs on a device and Alla comes slowly to play with her.
She sweetly her and enjoys it. First, she tickles Valera’s skinny body gently and then she bites her breasts and sides, moving towards her waist. Alla tickles Valera with her bites.
Alla teases her body and then moves on to the tickling of her armpits and sides from behind. Valera reacts moderately to tickling, but more to bites. She only needs to get more excited.
Meanwhile, Alla decides to tickle Valera’s feet and this is her weakness.

To diversify tickling, Alla lies on top of Valera and tickles the armpits with her toes and the feet with her hands. Next Alla takes an electric brush and enjoys the intense tickling of Valera’s feet.
In the end, Alla takes the same brush and tickles her body and nipples, looking under Valera’s panties and driving her crazy. Valera won’t be able to endure such suffering for a long time…

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