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Alsu’s interrogation – Police tickled to insanity – Aggressive and sexy tickling in jeans outfit

Alsu was detained for interrogation, she is dressed in denim clothes and high boots. The first police officer interrogates Alsu but she is impregnable. Well, her first torture begins.

1. Alsu is tied on the cross with a ballgag between her teeth. Officer Susanna tickles Alsu’s body rigidly with her sharp nails and she laughs through the gag. Then she unfastens her jacket revealing Alsu’s sexy tummy and enjoys tickling her even harder.
Now Alsu is in horizontal position and she is waiting for a more aggressive tickling throughout her body already with her jacket open and the lower belly is more available for sweet torture.
2. Sexual topless tickling. The second officer Marica decided to tickle Alsu’s sweet body. Alsu is tied to a battery and lies on the couch. Marica takes off her bra and excitedly examines Alsu’s body and kisses her breasts, stomach, and neck. Then she smoothly passes to the tickling of Alsu’s body, making her laugh wildly. Alsu’s feet are bare and sexually stand out from jeans. Then Marica tickles her soles with sharp nails, and Alsu goes crazy. Marika kisses Alsu’s stomach again and leaves her alone.
3. Torture on a corner device. Alsu wears a bra and jeans and lies in a supine position with her legs raised and Susanna again torments her. Alsu receives a new portion of tickling with a ballgag and then they remove socks from her feet and tickle Alsu’s sweaty feet, exposing her to panic.

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