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Length - 25:54 -
Definition - 1080P

Annabella’s First Experience

HFJC! There are just no words to describe this! Some girls were borned to dominate the male race but they just discover about it only when they turned into the legal age! We are very proud to introduce you here this 18 y.o. Brat Annabella! She wore the same pair of socks for a full week with those sneakers just to challenge this loser slave! She really wants to make fun at him! What about a bet? I’ll keep your face against the wall for twenty minutes with my smelly feet and you’ll have to obey my orders! No complain! You’ll have to feel this pain to win my dirty socks! If you can’t make it? This would be a shame for you but just tell me then we stop but you would own me two hundred bucks as an extra for losing this bet with me! Fair Deal?

Annabella talks about her long week with those filthy sneakers before she gives him the honor to take them off! She immediatly cover his face with her sweaty white socks with a devilish smile! She knows he won’t be able to stay there for twenty minutes!

The aroma was so fuckin’ strong! She exchanges sms msg with her friends to tell them about this bet and talk about how they’ll spend this money! She probably took some pics of that too! All this while this loser slave is breathing through her sweaty white socks! She also wants him to taste her sweat so she makes him lick her dirty socks and fill his mouth with her socked foot!

It’s now about time for the second step of this challenge so Annabella makes him take her socks off after fifteen minutes! The rules have changed now! You must follow them so you’ll have to deal with my stinky bare feet in your face for another ten minutes! The chronometer is on so she begins to rub them all over his face! she also wants him to lick the bottom of her soles with his tongue!

I always dreameded about having a slave licking my feet! Don’t you feel submissive with my 18 y.o. feet in your face? This clip is a real must! Even if you don’t understand any word of French! You’ll be able to read in her eyes and her cruel smile! Your Challenge is now to watch this clip till the end without messing your computer screen! Good luck! (French Language)

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