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Length - 21:23 -
Definition - 720P

Anonymous Tickle Series : Slave #01 : Naked & Punished Everywhere Face Down

Imagine an anonymous ultra ticklish girl you can torment silly without limits due to the fact that she is nobody, only your tickle slave!
The Punishment continues face down for the horribly ticklish slave.
Her entire body is tormented with feathers, fingers, hairbrushes and electric toothbrush from head to toes.

Like for the “Spread Eagle” session the Slave #01 is tickled silly on her underarms, neck, sides, hips, buttocks, feet and on her super sensitive pussy.
The sadistical Tickler really breaks the helpless woman who goes totally crazy under the ruthless tickle assaults.
The Slave #01 is an ultra ticklish submissive who really can’t stand being tickled.

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