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Length - 31:40 -
Definition - 1080P

“Sweet ticklish couple” – Ulyasha tickled her boyfriend and his mistress+ Tony’s revenge

Tony is tired of his annoying girlfriend. She pays no attention to him at all. Today, while his girlfriend was at work, he invited pretty Alsu to visit. Alsu was playful and ready for a hot evening, and Tony looked forward to how he caressed Alsu’s sexy body.
Suddenly the lights went out and the couple got scared. When the light turned on, behind the couple was Ulyasha, ready to take perverse revenge on both of them. She put the sweet couple to sleep.
Then the couple were tied to the bed, blindfolded and Ulyasha prepared a tickling revenge – she was going to torture both and the one who is more ticklish will receive non-stop tickle torture at the end.

She whispered in Alsu’s ear that she would take revenge on her. She began to sweetly mock the girl with feathers, and then her boyfriend. She tickled their sides and armpits, feet and navels. Alsu laughed from tickling, and the guy who hadn’t yet understood the essence of the torture was tickled madly over his armpits and begged his girlfriend to stop.
Ulyasha tickled them with pleasure and enjoyed their laughter. It turns out that the guy was very ticklish and Ulyasha passed over his armpits with an electric toothbrush, and he wriggled in agony. Alsu was also unusually sensitive. Ulyasha was turned on by the fact that such a sweet couple was in her power.

When the ticklees were already without masks, Ulyasha sat on top of her boyfriend and tickled his muscular torso. Alsu also squeezed her elastic ABS from tickling. In the end it was a real torture where it turned out that Tony is the most ticklish one and Ulyasha began to torture him mercilessly for some time.
Then Tony was released and untied. But he wanted revenge, and besides, he was excited by the thought of tickling two girls. He tied Ulyasha and put her next to Alsu. Two naked girls were now close to each other – and Tony began to tickle the feet of his beloved girls.
Ulyasha began to scream and succumb to tickling as if a demon had possessed her. Her highly arched feet were extremely ticklish and Tony enjoyed her screams. He tickled Alsu too, and both girls laughed very loud.

Then Tony moved to the upper bodies of the girls and had fun with each of them tickling them with his powerful hands. It’s impossible to describe tickling chaos that was happening in the end, but it must be seen. The girls laughed and screamed from tickling like in ticklish hell. But all this exciting fun had to stop otherwise the girls would just go crazy: D

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