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Length - 20:46 -
Definition - 1080P

Arabian Safia gets the table treatment

Safia is back, and actually it was her first scene ever with tickling 🙂

We decided to tickle her on the table, but without wrapping for a little change !
At the very beginning, I let the tying up process (1 minute bonus) for those who requested this a lot, it’s speeded 6 times !  I may redo it if you liked this experiment !

So our little Arabian princess is first tickled with her socks, then we slowly pull them off while tickling her, which she didn’t enjoy 🙂 Then her worst fear, the brush enters into action, this is where we can see her move a lot on the table, but she is strongly tied, too bad for her !

The clip also has a good amount of upperbody tickling, as a funny fact, she is overall less ticklish on the Upperbody, but for a short amount of time it can break her bad !

PS : I hope you can pardon the lighting on this clip, she arrived very late so we didn’t have a lot of light to work with, but I’ve seen much worse honestly 😉

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