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Natalia’s worst nightmare! Part 3

Natalia’s worst nightmare continues with part 3. In this video the hyper ticklish cutie lies on the couch on her belly. This gives me a perfect opportunity to tickle her sexy, soft, ultra-ticklish feet nonstop and drive the beauty absolute crazy.

At first I begin the tickling with my favourite feathers. Natalia cracks immediately and starts laughing out loud. Her skin, especially on her feet is hyper sensitive, and even the slightest touch of a feather makes her laugh uncontrollably. It’s like heaven.

Next are my fingers, and at this point the tickling becomes absolutely unbearable for the cutie. She laughs hysterically, begs, and begs, and begs me to stop. But you know me-nothing can stop me once I find a hyper ticklish spot.

The electric toothbrush and the hairbrush exhaust her completely.

In the nest scene I move to her upper body and tickle her sides, armpits, back and even her ears. Natalia is ticklish absolutely everywhere and can’t stop laughing like crazy. Her begs for me stop motivate me to tickle her even more, and you can definitely see that she is brought to her absolute tickle limits.

The whole video is a pure music to all tickle lovers out there.

As always the entire video is subtitled in English, so that you can feel Natalia’s tickle desperation.

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