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Bad day for agent Anima. Fetish Movie

This is custom video, it was made based on the script from our customer.
Almost 50 minutes length fetish film (with English subtitles) for bondage and tickling fans, including bondage in action, toe-ties and beautiful girl’s soles.

Kate Anima (secret agent)
Top Girl (tickler)
Masked man

Outfit (Agent Kate) : tight jeans, white blouse, first high heels and then barefoot.
Synopsis: Secret Agent Kate came home from the mission and she has been by the government counterintelligence agent (masked man). According to the agent Kate, she hid somewhere the memory secret with a very important information, and he was ordered to beat the information out of her about the location of the memory card. He decides to knock out the information with a very unusual way – using the bondage and tickling, for that he calls his assistant (Top girl), intern, behind which a lot of such cases.
The script:
Agent Amina comes home, kicks of her heels and sees that her soles got a little dirty from her last mission, but shower later and goes to the living room (she didn’t know that she being tracked) where she gets overtaken by the Masked man. He twisted her arms and bound her, maked her totally helpless and got out her from her pants.
Kate stands beside the table with already tied hands and legs, he gages her with a few stripes of tape. Breast-ropes her, her to lie on the table, first ties her feet, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together with a very thin long string. Leaves her for a short time and some wriggling alone. Later Top Girl enters with a feather, and brush. She starts to tickle her soles with her fingers and uses feather and brush. Kate wriggles like hell and is very feisty. He come back takes off the tape and asks her where she keeps those secret information, but Kate immediately wants to scream for help, he pulls back her hair so her head comes up and puts his and over her mouth, top girl goes on with the tickling. Kate doesn’t want to give up, they whisper something while Kate moan in his hand. He puts a ball gage in her mouth, then they start to untie her from hogtie, toe-tie, feet and legs, Kate is confused and they drag the feisty Kate to the bedroom where she gets pushed on the bed.

Kate is with her face down on the bed, feet hanging over the edge of the bed, legs already tied, arms already tied to the bed. He ties her legs tight to the bedframe then he ties her big toes together, Top girl enters and starts to tickle her, but she wriggles to much with her feet so he fixes her toes to the bedframe so she’s really helpless.
Now she can tickle her, but Kate is still feisty. She puts some oil on her soles and lubricates her soles, toes and between her toes then goes on with the tickling but Kate doesn’t want to give up. As she tells her that she will strip her now and lubricate her whole body, so she gives up and tells them that the memory stick is hidden down in the basement. Ball gag back in and they leave her alone for some struggling.

Next Kate got totally free, she tries to grab her on the table when Masked man just can overpower her at the last minute.

Kate is sitting on the table with already tied hands and legs and insults the masked man while his tying her feet. He puts 3 stripes of tape over her mouth to really keep her silent then breast ropes her, her on the table and puts her in a very tight hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes tight together with a thin long string.
He leaves, a little later Top girl enters with the oil again and since Kate hated that she lubricates again very good her soles, toes and between her toes. Finished she sees that she spreads and wriggles with her toes like hell so he comes back, ties all her other toes tight together. Everything is save and lubricated now.
They thank her for the memory stick and leave the poor agent alone for the final struggling (Kate is lying in hogtie and struggling, trying to escape but no luck for her today).


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