Salma is tickled in every position + Bonus


Length – 31:48 – 1080P

Here is a new model and this shoot is fresh out of the oven.

Salma is a High end  French-Morrocan Athlete, she is tall and has size 40 feet ! She agreed to be tickled by our expert hands !

The problem is that her powerful ankles didn’t fit our stocks, but that’s no problem as we got creative ! Also she is only ticklish on her feet so no upperbody !

We start tickling her in a hogtie position, then we quickly moved to a sitting position (with toe tied).
After that  she was facedown, and then she has her feet up locked in the tickler’s arms !

After all of this treatment, we made her do a long outside walk BOOTS OFF (yeah barefoot), and she will show you her beautiful dirty soles in the end 😉

Salma was shy at first, but in the end she said it was “genius”. If you like cute ticklees, look no further !

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