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Bad schoolgirl tickle punishment! Part 1

Definition - 1080P
Length - 10:29


Mortisha had become an exceptionally mischievous girl during the previous semester at school. With her remarkable allure and beauty, life had always been a breeze for her. People treated her with unparalleled kindness, offering her opportunities that were beyond the wildest dreams of any other girl. She effortlessly obtained everything she desired, whenever she desired it. Naturally, this excessive favoritism led to an inflation of her ego and a profound sense of superiority over others, especially the boys in her class.

During the early years of high school, the boys, being young and foolish, were petrified at the mere thought of conversing with Mortisha, let alone challenging her arrogance. However, as time went by, the courage of one of her classmates steadily grew stronger. Now, in their final year of twelfth grade, Mortisha believed that this was her ultimate chance to exert dominance over everyone, firmly convinced that nobody would dare confront her. Yet, this would prove to be her gravest miscalculation thus far.

The guy, who had suffered greatly from Mortisha’s insolence during their five years as classmates, had been meticulously devising a plan of revenge for an extensive period of time. The day of reckoning had finally arrived, and he knew precisely how to shatter her completely. He had once caught a glimpse of her greatest vulnerability. It happened before class when Mortisha was in the schoolyard with a group of her girlfriends. In the midst of their banter, one of the girls approached Mortisha from behind and playfully jabbed her ribs with her fingers. Unexpectedly, Mortisha’s reaction was not one of anger but rather an eruption of…laughter. In that fleeting moment, the once imperious, dominant girl vanished, revealing an innocent, fragile creature incapable of resistance. This, he realized, was the key. Her extreme susceptibility to…tickling!

With this knowledge in hand, he would finally break her and administer the punishment she deserved for years of inflicting suffering upon him with her arrogance. He would capture her at the opportune moment, just after school, when she walked home alone through the dimly lit streets. Her overconfidence would provide him with the perfect opening to exact his revenge. The time had come to set his plan into motion. Let the retribution begin!

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