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Bad schoolgirl tickle punishment! Part 3

In the riveting continuation of Mortisha’s tale, the scene opens with her once again confined to the bed, her limbs securely fastened, leaving her utterly defenseless. This time, her arms are stretched above her, baring her exquisitely ticklish armpits, poised to fall victim to her captor’s wicked intentions.

Following the electrifying events of the previous chapters, our poor protagonist finds herself in a state of complete exhaustion. The relentless trials she has endured in the first two parts have drained her to the core, rendering her nearly powerless. Yet, even in her weakened state, a lingering sense of anticipation hangs in the air as her captor readies himself to unleash a final tickling torment that will test the very limits of her endurance.

Every ounce of Mortisha’s energy has been sapped, leaving her with minimal resistance. There are moments when her laughter is subdued, a testament to her sheer fatigue. However, as the tickling sensation renews its attack, her laughter erupts with a fervor that defies her weakened condition. It’s as if her last reservoirs of strength are channeled into these bursts of laughter, a defense mechanism against the relentless tickle onslaught.

The entirety of this segment is dedicated to the tantalizing tickling of her armpits. The focus narrows, the tension heightens, and every second becomes an eternity as the torturous delight ensnares her senses. Mortisha’s pleas for mercy reverberate through the air, a desperate cry for respite from the nightmare she finds herself trapped within.

In this climactic installment, Mortisha’s vulnerability is laid bare, her exhausted body and laughter-filled pleas underscoring the intensity of the situation. The combination of exquisite torment, fatigue, and unyielding determination presents a captivating tableau that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering if and when this tantalizing tickling saga will reach its end.

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