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Destruction of Kendra Allure

This is by far the worst Kendra has been tickled anywhere! As you know the amazon Kendra is one of the most ticklish girls we’ve ever seen. We purposely waited until she was strapped to the bondage before we informed her that she was going to be tickled by Bella and Travis. This is second time we have had her tickled by 2 ticklers but this time was no nonsense and nonstop. Bella’s long nails were already too much for her feet to handle.

Then Travis exploiting her armpits, ribs, hips, and sides sent Kendra into delirium! The ticklers switch positions along with the camera angles so you can see Bella’s nails invade Kendra’s armpits and upper body. I guess we didn’t notice before but Bella is an awesome tickler. She dug right in those armpits and Kendra nearly fell off the table. Travis had to hold her while Bella tickled her upper body. Bella’s best work is on Kendra’s size 11 feet though.

You’ve never seen Kendra’s feet tickled like this for long periods of time. Bella has no mercy as she tickles in between the toes, the arches, heels, and everywhere on her feet. You’ve never seen Kendra tickled to desperation and exhaustion like this before trust me!

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