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“Bad ticklish plan with a rich girl” – Tickle of goddess horsewoman and lick toes with honey

Definition - 1080P
Length - 46:27


A wealthy girl returns home after riding. She is dressed in a horsewoman costume, she has a sexy figure, with a chic ass and beautiful legs. A suspicious person is watching her, he is clearly watching how the girl gets into her apartment. But why?
The girl goes upstairs while the stranger took the elevator and goes out on the same floor. When the girl enters the apartment – he was already ready. He puts on his mask and penetrates the open door. Meanwhile, the girl had already taken off her scarf and went to the bathroom. When she begins to wash her hands – the offender is nearby. He grabs the girl, shuts her mouth with the scarf and drags her backward.

He puts her on a chair and begins to bind her arms and legs. The girl is shocked and asks him – “Why? Why?”
Of course, the criminal is looking for money and he asks her about them but the girl doesn’t want to answer. Then he decides to play with her and arrange with tickling. He plugs her mouth with a scarf so she wouldn’t ask unnecessary questions. He begins to tickle her sensitive body, and she only bangs her boots on the floor and her blouse unbuttons from tension and her breasts are sexually swaying from tickling.

The criminal repeatedly asks her about money, but the girl doesn’t give up. Then he tickles her again and again – he roughly pushes back a chair, scaring the girl and tickles her armpits.
“Tell where is the money?” “No! Hahaha! It tickles! No!”
Then the offender puts the girl on his shoulders and carries her to the bedroom. There he continues his game, takes off her boots and socks and finds a large feather. He shuts her mouth with her socks and wraps her mouth around, and then tickles her beautiful tanned feet, and the girl only laughs but still doesn’t give up.
She’s hogtied and gets exhausted from tickling – while the offender threatens her again and continues to tickle. At some point, she admits that the money is in the kitchen in the cupboard. The stranger finds a wallet there, but this is not enough for him and he wants to continue to have fun with her.

This time, he tickles the girl over her tanned belly, he tickles her sides and stomach, which are seen from under a white blouse. The girl laughs and asks to stop.
Then the offender moves on to his main fetish – he ties her feet to the arc of the bed and gets ready to lick them.
She can do nothing and only asks him to let her go because he has already got everything!
The stranger doesn’t listen to her and eagerly sucks and bites her feet, and the girl only mumbles and laughs. “Hahaha, stop it’s so ticklish!”
This sensual torment lasts until he enjoys her feet, and then he again tickles her with a feather and hands.

Then, he drags the girl back to the room, puts her on a chair, and puts her legs on the table. He shuts her protesting mouth with a ballgag.
Now he again tickles her divine toes and feet with a feather, and then he finds a toothbrush that vibrates along her beautiful soles.
Then he takes honey that he saw in the kitchen and smears the beauty’s feet with it. He wants to enjoy her feet even more and licks each toe. The girl protests and sometimes laughs from his ticklish bites. As a result, the offender leaves her alone – he’s done with her and it’s time to run away.

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