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Berenika is under tickling flow from Pandora and two more ticklers + Orgasms

By John. Made by request

This clip depicts group tickling therapy, spiced up with the active use of a magic wand. Charming Berenika is restrained in stocks in the X position, with each of her toe tied with a leather rope. She is completely defenceless against pleasure. Naked Pandora approaches her and begins to massage her body with oil.

At this time, two male ticklers join Pandora, one tickling Berenika’s feet, and the other tickling Berenika’s upper body, and the wild tickling begins. Berenika screams and tries to wriggle, which greatly excites Pandora, who takes out the magic wand and brings pleasure to Berenika.

The two ticklers tickle her, and Pandora stimulates Berenika with a vibrator. Our bound and helpless little one experiences a huge range of sensations – both pain and pleasure, tickling and arousal – so her orgasm is only a matter of time and it does not make her wait long.

This is how the entire half hour of the clip goes. In the end, Berenika is so exhausted and drained that she trembles, tears stream down her face, and Pandora gently soothes her, enjoying herself and the work she has done. Enjoy!

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