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Berta – Bare feet tickling for a fitness lady

For now, a little story about Berta. She works as a fitness coach in a gym. One of our models (Leya) took several lessons from her, and when Berta showed her one of the exercises, she accidentally tickled Leya. One thing leads to another and the girls talked about tickling. So Leya told Berta that there are some guys who shoot such a funny fetish. Berta was very interested in trying and came to our studio after some chatting with me.

Initially, Berta thought that tickling would be a great relief after tough workouts, but she never expected to be so much ticklish on her feet. However, when she realized this, she was already securely fixed in our stocks and all her toes were tied. Here’s the clip begins.

Berta wears a sexy red bikini which looks great on her tan body. I start tickling her feet with my hands and devices like feathers, hairbrushes, and electric toothbrushes. The second tickler joins us after a while and we tickle her sensitive soles with four hands driving Berta crazy. We also use oil on her soles and do some intensive tickling with two brushes at the same time. Berta said that she has never been tickled before and she will remember this first time forever 🙂

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