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Cleo & Inaya Endure Together in the Stocks

Cleo & Inaya are now immobilized in our special double stocks for another common tickle punishment.
This session is 50% upperbody and 50% bare feet tickling.
The girls are at the mercy of two sadistical ticklers who do their best to drive them simultaneously crazy in a fountain of hysterical laughters.
The guys attack their most sensitive spots from head to toes till they really lose control and this is great because both girls love to be tickled to their limits.

Underarms, hips, sides, neck, belly, bellybutton, legs and their bare feet are intensively tickled without any mercy.
This video is an orgy of very hard tickling with Cleo and Inaya who endure exactly what they asked for.
Believe us you’ll be impressed by their incredible hysteria and if you love sexy duos with insanely ticklish beauties you’ll not be able to rest after watching this masterpiece.

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