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Big hard session for Alla in catsuit – tickling and foot torture to tears

Alla is an agent, wearing glasses and catsuit – she examines the room when an unknown person grabs her behind. They struggle and as a result he lais her on the table and wraps her hands and elbows with a silver tape – and then knees and ankles. The mouth of the agent is also sealed with tape.

The unknown inquisitor decides to torture bold Alla and he begins to tickle her sides and hips and feet, and poor Alla turns around strongly and laughs. She didn’t expect such torture but the hardest part is just waiting for her.

Putting metal toe-cuffs on her toes and removing the tape from her mouth, he puts a pink gag into between her teeth. Then he lubricates Alla’s feet with oil and massages them with a brush to cause a wild reaction in Alla. He continually claps her ass and talks about how impudent she is that she decided to visit here. After that, he takes the Wartenberg’s pinwheel and drives it along her ticklish and large soles in POV mode.

Next, he comes up with real torture of the feet with the help of blows with devices, taking a cane he strikes Alla’s feet. From each blow, Alla moans and it’s clear that she can’t stand it for long. Next, the inquisitor takes a vibrator and uses it between Alla’s legs. Then he takes a double and triple cane, a paddle and then a whip and a belt. After that, Alla doesn’t stand and starts whining and crying, she is hurt and offended that she got in such a situation.

In the end, the maniac takes a candelabra with candles and pours hot wax on Alla’s feet. After that, he again uses the pinwheel, bringing Alla to madness.

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