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Length - 15:29 -
Definition - 1080P

Big Load on Sexy Feet with Sadie Holmes

The lovely Queen Sadie Holmes has stopped by to visit today and she is in a fantastic mood. Sadie is so horny that she can’t wait to wrap her shapely size tens around Foot Patrol’s cock. It’s difficult to tell which of these two is more excited to get started with this footjob. The anticipation of fabulous foot friction has been a huge aphrodisiac for both of them. Sadie wastes no time in getting to work. Her skill and motivation make it all the better experience for Foot Patrol as he truly enjoys the full attention of those magnificent feet and strong toes.

Sadie grips, rubs, twists and plays with his dick in a way that will drive any man wild. Foot Patrol can’t hold out too long from such expert attention and he spurts a hot load on Sadie’s beautiful feet. OMG! She can’t believe how much spooge he squirted all over her long toes! Sadie is so impressed and genuinely flattered that he saved up so much cum just for her. Foot Patrol is undoubtedly quite happy as well; this special time with Sadie Holmes was definitely worth the wait.

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