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Toe Stroking with Kendra Heart

Definition - 1080P
Length - 10:56


Kinky Kendra Heart is going soles up with her sexy, slender size eights. She wiggles her strong toes and wrinkles her soles enticing this rub-ready cock before her. When she puts those perfect feet to work Kendra is in full control of the footjob. She works that donor organ like a musician with her long, flexible toes. She squeezes, strokes and massages every inch employing a magnificent medley of moves. Kendra knows the sensitive areas of a cock and works them perfectly with every part of her incredible feet and toes.

The entire scene is enhanced by her continuous talk about how much she loves stroking cock. When she’s ready, Kendra Heart calls on the man before her to deliver a hot load on her feet and he responds with unrestrained enthusiasm for her tantalizing toe stroking.

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