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Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 2

This is part 2 of Svetlana’s tickling experience. This time the blonde cutie is tied to the couch, with her arms raised and tied behind her head, to open her armpits for the tickling hell to come.

After the first video, her sensitivity increased, and I discovered that the armpits are her weak spot. You can see in her reaction at the beginning of the video that she is afraid of what is about to happen, cuz’ she knows how ticklish she is on her armpits. She even begs me not to tickle her too much. How cute. But nothing can stop me to tickle her to insanity 😀

I begin the tickling with my favorite feathers, which produces some very nice laughs from her. Her snow-white smile and red lips further contribute to the sexiness of the video.

Next are my playful fingers. Once I start dancing with them on her armpits, Svetlana explodes in uncontrollable laughter. The beauty squirms, begs, laughs hysterically, and twists insanely for the next 12 minutes. It was such an enjoyment for me and I am really happy that I can share this magnificent experience with you guys.

You will really enjoy this video.

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