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Brittany in catsuit – Intensive tickling for lovely barefoot ticklee

By John

In this challenge, the barefoot beauty in a catsuit, Brittany, will be tickled very intensely, and in addition to tickling, I’m also worshiping her feet enjoying her reaction.

So, Brittany is sitting in the chair, and I had to tie her up because she’s really ticklish. Her hands are tied in front of her, and her legs are secured to the crossbar in front of the chair.
The cutie is very beautiful, and I’m glad I managed to tickle her bare feet properly. I start with a feather and observe her reaction, then I use my tongue and teeth on the tickling, and finally, my entire tickling arsenal comes into play: nails, combs, and an electric toothbrush.

Brittany laughs really hard, for me, this clip felt like a fleeting moment, but for her, it probably felt like this torment lasted an eternity. Enjoy!

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