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Calia’s Bare Feet Tickling Experience !

Definition - 720P
Length - 24:03


Calia is a delicious 29 years old girl who have her first ticklish experience with us. She knows our production for a long time and she contacted us a few time ago to become one of our model. She explained us that she were very ticklish and very interested to work for our company. As everybody know we never refuse ticklish girls then we meet her for an audition and her first video.

Her first experience with us begins with a very long and merciless bare feet tickling in our stocks. Calia enjoys new situations and she’s not disappointed her when she understand how she will endure here. The Tickler begins to ticke her slowly and effectively she didn’t lie to us, Calia is VERY ticklish and she has a very good energy. She is one of these girls made for tickling with a very communicative laughter and with very ticklish feet. The guy licks, sucks and tickles her soles and toes without mercy during a very long session. This is the first part of this awesome punishment.

Bare Feet Tickling continues on Calia’s helpless bare soles. See the laughter in her eyes as she suffers the tickling and enjoy her Gorgeous laugh! Calia realizes she’s really helpless now and that she really will be tickled for a long time. She can wiggle. She can giggle. But she can’t stop her feet from being tickled.

For the last part the camera angle change but the tickle is still merciless with feet sucking and tickling. The Tickler has so much fun with his new ticklee and he’s not decided to stop the game. Poor Calia it becomes intolerable but she’s totally helpless and she can only laugh and laugh again until it stops. The question for her is : when? If you like exotic, sexy and VERY ticklish feet you’re at the right place with the beautiful Calia.

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