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Three cute Models – You can tickle our feet !

Tanya – 20 y.o.
Anya – 21 y.o.
Julia – 22 y.o.

Three nice girls are saying their names – they are all about the same age. They are very different but very pleasant in appearance.
Tanya is blonde, very tall and shapely girl with big feet – she likes tickling and she loves to laugh and plays various challenges.
Anya is hyper sensitive and terribly ticklish girl. She’s a dancer but despite this her feet are very soft.
Julia is a singer with very beautiful eyes – she likes to try new and unusual things, and allows to tickle her only for her boyfriend. Before today…
All three girls sitting on the couch with feet fixed and I’m starting to tickle them.
Reaction is just wonderful – Anya wildly responds to tickling. Beautiful Julia giggles loudly. Tanya jumps from time to time. Tickle their beautiful feet is a great pleasure.
Then I pick up a pen and try to draw something on their soles. This is not very good on sweaty feet of Anya and Tanya. But on the Julia’s feet it turned out well.
“I’m ticklish on my feet” – I wrote.
Girls react violently to tickle and get a lot of fun. At the end they all recommend to see their video! Enjoy

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