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Cassandra’s Blackmailed Teacher

Definition - 1080P
Length - 07:26


Cassandra came to the campus that day to get the result of her final exam at the end of the year, so she had to meet her teacher in person in a private room to get that final result since he was the only person in charge at the campus that day. The teacher pretends that he is checking on the computer about all those final results, but it seems like Cassandra’s final result was a « C ». She was really not happy about that final result, so she was wondering what she could do to change that final result to maybe get an « A » instead of a « C »! She already heard about the fact that this teacher have a severe foot fetish since he is always looking at her feet in classes, so she thought maybe she could use a specific tactic. and take advantage about it, to make him change the final result of her final exam! Some people could say that it is kind of cheating, but why not take advantage of his foot fetish if she could get an « A » instead of a « C » so easily? As you may know, Cassandra is a very smart student, so I am pretty sure that she will find a way by herself to fix this.


Cassandra starts thinking about what kind of strategy that she could use to make him change his mind, so she slowly takes her boots off to lay both of her sweaty nylon feet on top of the desk! That was a very long day with her nylon feet inside her boots, so the smell of her feet was really intense! The view on her legs was just amazing, and the teacher just had no choice to get a fresh smell of her sweaty nylon feet, since his face and his nose were just so close to her warm nylon feet! I am pretty sure that he would be ready to do anything to rub his nose in her nylon feet at this time! Cassandra politely asked him if changing her note for a « A » is something that could be possible, so it seems like he won’t be able to resist her malicious tactics for a long time! She looks at him with her lovely innocent smile, and just rubs he feet so close to his face on top of the desk to make him change his mind! I bet he could easily smell them!


Cassandra wanted to make sure that her strategy would give her great benefits, so she just lay her nylon feet right under the desk, to pose them right on her teacher’s hard cock! His cock was just so hard at this time, and just about ready to explode! She thinks that it’s probably gonna be easier to make him change her note that way! She rubs her sweaty nylon toes all over his hard cock, through his pants, and just takes the computer to change her note by herself while she was distracting the teacher with her sweaty nylon feet under the desk! The teacher was just about to cum in his pants, but the result was already changed for an « A » since Cassandra did it by herself. She tells the teacher that she would talk about the situation to the principal if he is planning to change his note again for a « C ». I am pretty sure that this teacher doesn’t want the principal to know that he let this beautiful student Cassandra rub her feet on his cock at the campus, or he would probably lose his job! Very Hot Clip Alert!

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