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Length - 10:34 -
Definition - 2160P

Céline is Crazy … and Crazy Ticklish ! Remastered

Now remastered from 720 P to 4K

Céline is the first to be strapped down, X-spread on the bed, waiting for her punishment. Céline is so anxious that she can’t stop talking, which make her friends laugh a lot. She knows that she won’t be able to endure this, and she starts complaining waaaaay before the tickling starts ! Apolline and Tom begin the first tickling session with their friend’s upperbody … and the first slight tickle is enough to make the poor girl yells and laughs hard ! Céline is totally insane on the bed, she shouts, she is rude and she even bites Tom ! The boy has a scar after it ^^ !

The tickling goes to her feet, to her hips, to the armpits … Céline is mercilessly tickled by the tickle team while she pleases them to stop ! When we finally agree, she is asked if she would do this again. « Not even for a thousand euros » ! We have never had a girl such ticklish ! Don’t miss it 😏

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