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Chinese Hysteria Is Wonderful : Zhu Loses Her Mind on the Table

Zhu’s hysteria continues on the table between Liu and the FT Tickler’s hands.
The crazily ticklish chinese girl is pushed out of her limits because she’s tickled to hell on her bare feet and
on her upperbody till she loses her mind.

Zhu’s bare feet are unbearably ticklish and she will offer you the biggest explosions of laughters you have heard
for a long time but you’ll never forget the upperbody punishment too.
Effectively after a very intensive bare feet tickle the ticklers discovered how her upperbody is sensitive and
they were really impressed because the slightest touch on her underarms and sides drives her insane with
incredible convulsions.
You’ll see the suffering on her face all long this incredible video and we don’t know if she will return in the future
for a new session because she really endured the most intensive pain of her life.
Some girl are insanely ticklish and believe us Zhu is above them!

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