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Length - 21:18 -
Definition - 720P

The British Student Jazz Can’t Stand to Have Her Feet Tickled

Jazz is a new 24 years old British student who is in France to perform her french.
We met her a few time ago and she said us during a conversation that she was horribly ticklish so we offered her an original experience.
At the beginning she was not very interested but she finally accepted because we explained her that it is a job and that she will win some money.
Students always need money so she came to our studio for her first (and last) tickling day with us.

She is absolutely gorgeous and she discovered that she can’t stand to have her extremely ticklish feet tormented with our special tools.
Jazz is as ticklish as she is charming and her poor feet endured a very sadistic tickling session.
You will love her ticklish reactions with her incredible smile and laughter.

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