Lysa is out of control in the hands of Lara


Length – 16:11

Lysa is an insanely ticklish model with really really super ticklish feet so we needed to immobilize her strongly to allow Lara to have the maximum fun with her.
Less Lysa can move and more she becomes insane this is why this session is one of our best wrapping tickle torture ever.
Lara’s fingers and brushes run on all her most sensitive spots driving her totally crazy without any way to move at all.
It is just great to watch these deathly ticklish feet mercilessly tickled but totally immobiles due to the perfect immobilization and you can imagine how it is unbearable for Lysa.
She is absolutely out of control and her explosive hysterical laughter is a tickler’s dream.
Lysa is tickled on her sides, belly, neck, underarms and on her feet but the feet tickle torture part is a masterpiece.

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