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Length - 13:10 -
Definition - 720P

Constance and Alisea have fun with Very Ticklish Eloise : Bare Feet Tickling Session

The girls are now very impatient to attack Eloise’s beautiful bare feet. She has very soft soles who seems to be extremely ticklish and everybody want to have some fun with them. The Tickler gives a little tickling instruction to the sadistical Alisea then she gets Eloise’s soles and toes without mercy. she has no chance to defend from tickling and this is exactly what the sadistical Alisea enjoys.

Then to increase the punishment the beautifull constance joins the action and now the poor Eloise has her two ticklish feet tickled at the same time. This is intolerable and the girl begs for mercy but her sadistical friend are totally decided to drive her crazy. This is a nice session with a deliciously ticklish new model! Special reduced price for Foot Tickling Lovers 😉

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