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Constance’s Ultimate Suffering in the Stocks

The beautiful Constance is a very cute 23 years old girl with some of THE MOST TICKLISH FEET we have worked with. If you remember the insanely ticklish Wendy and if you loved her explosive reactions you will not be disappointed with Constance because we found a girl with as ticklish on her feet as wendy!!! Her first experience begins with a merciless bare feet tickling punishment with Alisea as tickler and with the Tickler. Alisea is a personal friend of Constance who discover here she LOVES to tickle other girls especially when they’re hysterically ticklish. Each touch on her super sensitive soles is absolutely intolerable for her and it drives her insane during all the tickling.

Constance is incredibly sensitive to the feather then all feathers tickling fans will be delighted by her reactions. The sexy Alisea is a real merciless tickler because the poor Constance begs for mercy and for a break continuously but the sadistical girl just don’t care! More she does her best to push her friend out of her limits. Constance loses all control with intense convulsions and explosions of laughter. Tickling punishment is a real pain for her and she absolutely can’t take it then she is uncontrollable when her bare feet are tickled. You’re warmed now this clip is only for intense foot tickling lovers!

This is the second part of this explosive session. The Ticklers decide now to increase the punishment with oil on her bare soles. This is too much for Constance and she is EXPLOSIVELY TICKLISH as never now. The poor girl absolutely can’t take it then each second is an eternity for her but she can’t remove her helpless feet until tickling stops.

Constance loses all control of herself and this session is one of the best bare feet tickling we have ever recorded. You’re warmed now this clip is only for intense foot tickling lovers!

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