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Mahia’s Sole & Underarms Are at the Mercy of Veronique

Mahia’s right sole and underarms are at the mercy of Veronique in this special F/F tickle session.
Mahia is a great girl with a very sensitive body from head to toes.
Veronique tickles Mahia’s right foot during the first 15 minutes of the clip then she attacks her extremely ticklish underarms and sides for the last 7 minutes.
Mahia’s right foot is punished with feathers, fingers and with different tickle tools as usual because Veronique wants to give her an unbearable tickling.

This beautiful model is great because she is extremely sensitive everywhere with a charming and communicative laughter.
Veronique gives her a very intensive tickling without any compassion, Mahia endures and this is fun!

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